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S Giri

Mr. Srinivasa Giri, a management graduate has spent over 25 years in the filed of sales and marketing. His sales portfolio has various products and services relating to pharma, finance, organic products, farming, Ayurveda and lifestyle concepts. He has been actively contributing to creative writing with contents and opinions through social media. He is currently authoring a book which speaks different dimensions of life. His writings are influenced by his long stints in Financial & Pharma Markets. He has been a careful observer of current lifestyle, he advises and writes about wellness across various mediums. Currently, he is the Director of Arogyasiri Ayurveda which is in the space of Alternate Care and Wellness through Ayurveda and Yoga.

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Right Recipe for a Sweet Home

Right Recipe for a Sweet Home

Catching the right trend can save you from tide and hardships of life.  Especially when people desire to own a home or creating a dwelling of their own.  The biggest criteria is our financial position since housing demands huge money.  The second important factor is the economic criteria, which tells us how conducive the environment [...]

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