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Why property prices may increase?

Post demonetization of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 currency notes, markets are abuzz with expectations of property prices going down by atleast 15 to 20% from current rates.

Contrary to that belief, I believe that property prices are going to go up from here unless there is a panic selling from people who hold properties now.

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Right Recipe for a Sweet Home

Catching the right trend can save you from tide and hardships of life.  Especially when people desire to own a home or creating a dwelling of their own.  The biggest criteria is our financial position since housing demands huge money.  The second important factor is the economic criteria, which tells us how conducive the environment [...]

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Invest when young

On an average young Indians start their formal earning life between 21 and 25 years of their age mostly after completing their graduation and/or post-graduation studies. While many choose jobs that pay them monthly salaries, a few ventureful individuals choose the entrepreneurial route to earn their livelihoods.

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Getting more out of your Real Estate Investments

Many real estate investors have made money out of capital appreciation of properties they invested in. Some investors have used borrowed funds from banks in the form of housing loans to get even superior returns on their investments. These types of investments where borrowed funds are used are known as leveraged investments and can very often get astonishing returns. This is best illustrated by using a real life example.

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Why Real Estate scores over other assets

The human beings basic requirements hinges on roti, kapdaaurmakaanor food, clothing and shelter for which we struggle all through our lives for ourselves, our children and other family members. One of the biggest dreams or aspiration of a common man is to live in his own house, sit in his own balcony with his family, friends, relatives and sip a cup of hot coffee.

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What is the right age to buy property?

21, 25, 30, 40, 50…..

As such there is no age limit or constraint to buy a property but buying the property at the right age

makes a significant impact in ones wealth creation.

In India legally one can buy a property at any age.

In recent times there has been huge enquires from young buyers looking to buy their first home or site.

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