Value Homes – Vijayanagar 4th stage

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These homes are designed and built to suite your taste & requirements . Ideally located at just 9 kms from Mysore railway station. Schools such as National public school & SVEI are located within 1 km. Just 3 km away from the major IT & Industry hub in Mysore.

The layout is approved by MUDA and loans are available from leading banks.

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30×50 Ft Site, 1500 Sqft (9×15 Mt)

900 Sq Ft Building (800 Sqft House + 100 Sqft Portico)

Customized & Architect Designed Plan & Elevation

Compound, Staircase, Sump, Water tank included

Including Plan sanction, KEB Deposit, Water Deposit & Completion Report & other Govt. Charges
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