Myvalue Properties (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2013 with a vision to provide affordable housing and sites in Mysore.

Mr. Arun Kashyap and Mr. Ganesh N Sharma are the 2 directors of the company who are spearheading the operations.

Arun Kashyap has a good real estate background along with 16 years of business experience. Ganesh Sharma is managing Value Properties and also has a successful IT services firm Pramukh in Mysore which has over 5000 clients. Value Properties has interests in the following areas of operations.

  • Making Quality Residential layouts which have great appreciation potential.
  • Group houses built as per customers choice. (Not row houses)
  • We welcome Joint ventures opportunities, Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries.

Our Team

Arun Kashyap

Arun Kashyap

Executive Director

Has over 16 years of experience which includes 5 years in the real estate industry in Mysore

Ganesha N Sharma

Ganesha N Sharma

Managing Director

is driving one of the leading IT infrastructure Companies in Mysore. Ganesha has great understanding of how businesses are run and is leading the company in the right direction

Ananda Kumar

Ananda Kumar

Consultant - Marketing

is an online marketing and branding expert. He has been working with many leading IT companies as consultant & is driving online marketing for many real estate companies. He is involved with Value properties dayin and dayout.

Philosophy is simple. “Find value for customers money”. Either our customer is investing for appreciation or buying a property for own use, we should offer him a property that is of high value for his money.

Work on building VALUE. Identify properties that can grow our customers money, build homes that are of premium quality, while not wasting money through identifying vendors, building relationships. Our mission is to make sure that our high quality standards re met at each place.

To build dream homes to 50 families by end of 2018. To set a platform for 500 families to own their dream home by 2020 by making sure they own the plot which is always appreciating.