Buying a new home is more beneficial than before. Please read below some of the top 7 reasons why home buyers prefer to buy new homes vs used houses.

1)    Design your dream home: When you get the choice to design your dream home why settle for others choices. You can choose your favorite colour on the wall, flooring, kitchen cabinets. Design your living for comfort and can choose gorgeous bath and lighting. Your new home should reflect your living style, not someone else’s taste.

2.) Plan your floor and room layout: Planning your floor is the most important for any home. In a new home you can have your master bedroom on the first floor? Its all yours. You can design a resort style master bath and also have the luxury of high ceilings in the living
3.) New Home comes with warranty: A used or old home will have used products that will soon need replacement. Your new home will come with all new branded products and fixtures that will carry warranty. What will be the cost of a leaking roof, broken door hinges or closet in a used home? In a new home all these will be of latest building material and design that will offer you great comfort and satisfaction for years before replacement.

4.) Maintenance: Today’s new cars are technology driven and computer designed. Today’s car is more reliable than cars designed 15 to 20 years back.

New homes are no different. Today’s new homes are designed for high ceilings and have open floor plans. New building materials and products use latest design and manufacturing hence require less maintenance. New generation building materials and fixtures are engineered for compatible working.
5.) Safety : Fire resistant electrical cable, New generation electric circuit breakers, New generation door locks, Weather proof paints, Organic Pest control are few of the benefits for your family safety.

6.) New Home feel: Your new home should be your dream home and not someone else dream. Your home should reflect your choice and taste.Latest designs, comfort, quality and style are the benefit of a New home. Your new home should provide you peace of mind and pride of owning.

7.) Go Green : Today, constructing green buildings is technically feasible and economically viable. New homes are designed to use natural sunlight. You will have the satisfaction of ground water recharging through rain water harvesting. Green water harvesting is some of the options which can be incorporated with a new home.